To the Editor:

I am going to build a three-story, 40 X 50 foot dove cote for the invasive Asian dove right here in Canyon City, blocking your view and probably altering the wind currents down the valley. What do you mean, I have to follow a city ordinance? 

Our ordinances are apparently not legally supportable documents if you adhere to the decision announced by the Forest Service spokesman and chairman of the Blue Mountain Forest Partners on July 7, 2015 at the Blue Mountain Forest Plan Revision meeting. County Ordinance 2013-01, signed by the Grant County Court members and the sheriff which prohibits all access closures on public lands without concurrence from the County is not a legal document and the federal government is not required by law to adhere to it. In one sweeping declaration, the federal government may have effectively provided grounds to cancel our county and city ordinances. 

Was it a consideration when two members of the County Court were hesitant to stand behind their signatures and support the validity and legality of the ordinance? Did the Forest Service’s legal counsel consider that when they determined it lawful to make the decision to nullify a local ordinance? How can one person or one entity make decisions that affect so many people? 

You will have to excuse me now; I need to start laying the foundation for my dove cote.

Judy Kerr

Canyon City

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