I’m writing this in response to Judy Kerr’s recent letter to the editor.

I have no concern as to the logistics of her building, but as to the fact that she’s wanting to “house Asian doves,” you don’t even have to go on the Internet to read how they are an invasive species ! All one has to do is step outside and there they are, everywhere! They have run off most of the small ‘native’ morning doves and they breed like flies.

If you have ever lived around a place where pigeons have taken over, you can understand my worries as to someone helping these birds to breed easier. To me, they are like the invasive thistles, pretty to look at, but they take over any area, if they are allowed to grow.

Around where I live, over the past five years, I have not seen any morning doves. They used to sit on the wires in back of my house every morning.

Something to think about before it’s another “problem.”

Nancy Randleas

John Day

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