To the Editor:

In the May 3 issue of the Blue Mountain Eagle, a letter from Frances Preston was published. It was clearly an attack on Judy Schuette. The letter did include Ms. Preston’s opinion on the County Court’s management of payments, but it also personally attacked Judy Schuette.

The Blue Mountain Eagle’s own policy on letters to the editor states: “Letters Policy: No personal attacks; challenge the opinion, not the person.” If this letter is not considered a personal attack, then I need to return to school to learn what a personal attack really is.

Permitting this letter to be published lowers the standards and civility of the Blue Mountain Eagle and violates its own policies. This also seems to give encouragement to others to expect their personal attacks to be published.

Please return the Blue Mountain Eagle to its own guidance that we all are supposed to follow, to “discuss opinions and no personal attacks.” The license to write personal attacks and have them published is disturbing.

Eva Harris

Canyon City

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