To the Editor:

A truck assault in Berlin, Germany, is one of many problems Germany is experiencing with 1 million Middle East and North African immigrants, mostly young males, who are committing murders, robberies and assaults on German Christians and Jews, especially women; and Chancellor Merkel wants to take in another 1 million. The German interior minister said German citizens with dual nationalities who are terrorists and/or a threat to national security should be deported.

These people come from a different culture, and their loyalty is not to Germany. They do not respect native Germans and consider them infidels to be converted or made to pay tribute or killed.

Germany is reaping the whirlwind of what it sowed in the 1930s and 1940s when it murdered about 25 million European Christians and Jews, especially Russians and Poles. Since then Germany has tried to make up for its barbarism and guilt complex by opening its borders to lawless migrants.

The United States should pay attention to the immigrant problems in Germany, France, Great Britian, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium and other European countries, and implement strict immigration policies to bolster our security and prevent potential terrorists of any background from entering our country.

Donald Moskowitz

Londonderry, New Hampshire

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