To the Editor:

As I read the latest Blue Mountain Eagle, I have become increasingly aware of a serious issue. Citizens of Grant County, Oregon, and all of the United States of America have no fear of God. Our founding fathers enacted a system based solely on doing that which is pleasing to God. I read and see bitterness all around. Families, brothers and neighbors fighting with one another over insignificant matters, deception and lies being used to deface the character of others. Have you lost your desire to do what’s right in God’s eyes, or have you simply replaced it with what’s right in your own? The citizens of Grant County were once tight-knit, close and a community that cares for each other. They used to fully understand what it meant to be “One Nation Under God.” Where, may I ask, is the fear and reverence for the one that created you and all that you see? As I read through the section of the paper entitled “Journey through Grant County and beyond,” I could really appreciate the beauty in what our creator has given us through the several pictures there. We have taken it for granted, just as we have forsaken the God we were supposed to put our trust in. We have become like the large cities and metroplexes that have so many that would rather spit in your eye over looking at you. The bickering needs to stop so does all the arguing. What are we teaching our children these days by the constant written and verbal attacks on your friends and neighbors? All the eyes and ears of the children are on all of us, and they “be like daddy” or “be like mommy.” What are you teaching them about true fellowship and genuine love when you have forsaken the one who truly loves you? It’s time, Grant County, to be a blessing to others in word and deed, to seek what we all have in common, rather than what makes us different. May we have the fear of God in us to repent of our ignorance.

Richard Shafer

Childress, Texas

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