I have some observations about a couple of articles on the front page of the Blue Mountain Eagle, July 29th edition. About the time our sheriff was awarded a national sheriff of the year award by self-declared constitutionalists, one of his declarations barred the FBI from having any authority in Grant County.

Now here we are down the road a ways with our sheriff having received a very strange letter, at best, and a deadly one at worst. He seems more than glad to have the FBI here to help him out.

Does this represent a shift in our sheriff’s attitude toward the federal government and its agencies, or does that just apply to this event that had him severely frightened?

The other article has a Long Creek rancher objecting to the federal government being involved in the management of Oregon’s waters. Why wouldn’t she object, for crying out loud? She has to defensively object because ranchers are responsible.

There is absolutely nothing that warms our summer streams more than flood irrigation, or dumps more pollutant (cow excrement) into our rivers. All I can say, on the other hand, is that it’s about time that something be done about such an extreme and obvious source of pollutants.

Terry Steele


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