To the Editor:

I want to add my challenge for Mark Webb as expressed by Dave Traylor. Please come forward with any proof that you have that shows that Dave or any other of the Public Forest Commissioners were ever in any meetings or even knew anything about the Public Forest Commission coming before the Circuit Court, especially to be abolished after having been in place all these years. You never raised any questions until your friend, King Williams, was resoundingly beaten in his attempt to remain on the commission. Now you didn’t have ears there to hear what was really going on in the meetings, so you cooked up this scheme to blow the will of the voters off and do away with the commission, at least this is how it appears to me! So I’m asking you to show what you have that lets the public know that Dave Traylor or anyone else on the commission knew about this action being taken before it happened. If you don’t have the proof, then you need to make a public apology here in the paper as well as a public meeting at the choosing of the members of the Public Forest Commission!

Nicky A. Sprauve

Canyon City

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