To the Editor:

My family has lived in Grant County since the spring of 1957; during that time, we have met a lot of people. People that are still in this community; one of those people being Glenn Palmer; although at that time, 1968 to be precise, Glenn was just a first-grader at Humbolt Elementary School here in Canyon City. Time continues on in this small community of ours, and I started working with a group of friends on building a skateboard park for the young people in this community. Roseann and Glenn Palmer became very active in this group. The name of the park is Smokey Gibson Memorial Park. April 7, 1997, the group had a grand opening for the skateboard park at the Seventh Street Complex in John Day. As Gerald (my husband) and I grew older, we became more in need of personal help. Glenn’s name was one of the people to be called on to help us, when the call went out for help. In the last months of Gerald’s life, Glenn was called several times to come help me with his care. Glenn as sheriff came to me after I returned home from Idaho with my daughters, to talk about Gerald’s passing, giving me and my daughters great comfort. Glenn is still the person to answer the call when I am in need. Twice this summer, Glenn came in response in my time of need. The most recent being in the last couple of weeks, when I tripped over one of my dogs during the night. Glenn was there for me. Glenn and Roseann are very good friends to me. God bless Glenn and Roseann!

Jessie M. Lewis

Canyon City

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