To the Editor:

I’m sure Sam Palmer is a good guy, but being a good guy is not the sole requirement for a county commissioner. Experience would be nice.

From what I’ve heard, Gordon Larson has experience. Further, Mr. Larson talked to me while I was at the Democrats’ booth at the Grant County Fair; Mr. Palmer must have seen that I was a Democrat and had already spoken with Larson because Palmer didn’t have two words for me. I don’t have a vote for him so we’ll call it good.

Using a Bible verse in your campaign materials is a cheap move to garner the religious vote because you have no foot to stand on of your own! Furthermore, in the U.S.A. we have practiced separation of church and state. It’s worked so far here, why change the American way to cater to Palmer? Larson doesn’t require accommodation for his personal beliefs, and I have reason to believe he’ll keep his personal beliefs personal.

One of the first things Larson told me was that he was a Republican that believes in cooperation across the aisle. I have no reason to believe that Palmer believes the same thing.

No sane Democrat believes that Grant County is going to miraculously turn blue so let’s have the next best thing with a county commissioner that will cooperate with whomever he must: Vote Gordon Larson!

James Tibbets

Mt. Vernon

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