To the Editor:

An important election is approaching, and I feel the need to advocate for a qualified candidate that reflects many of my main views (in reality, none will match my views 100 percent). I will have lived here in Dayville 26 years. I don’t plan on leaving this wonderful region of Oregon. Many of you know me well, so here is my opinion that I hope you will consider.

During the last county fair, I got the chance to talk with both Sam Palmer and Gordon Larson. I found them both likable and earnest in their desire to work for the people of our county.

With further research, I also found that Mr. Larson is much more qualified and has the appropriate previous experience, to, in my opinion, perform the work of county commissioner better and quicker than Mr. Palmer would be able to do. And, Mr. Larson’s recent open meetings show that he also seems to be willing to listen to the people of the county and sincerely take note of their concerns. As he said at the meeting I attended, he wants to end harsh rhetoric and encourage each of us to voice our opinions in a neighborly manner, and he wants to work hard for the best outcome for the people of the county. In my opinion, Gordon Larson is the better of the two men to do these things over the next four years.

Mr. Larson has my vote, and I urge you to vote for him.

John Fiedor


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