To the Editor:

I know you’ve seen them. Measure 97 ads are popping up everywhere, and with those ads come a lot of misinformation. I’ve been really interested in this since I first heard about it and have done a lot of research. Here is what I believe to be true.

Measure 97 affects only large corporations — fewer than a quarter of 1 percent of businesses in Oregon — which already pay higher taxes in every other state. Oregon has the lowest tax on corporations in the country.

Measure 97 is not a sales tax nor will it be passed on to farmers, ranchers or consumers. These big out-of-state corporations won’t respond by raising the price of their goods in Oregon, because their prices are set nationally — not based on state tax rates.

Corporations like Chevron, Wells Fargo and Comcast are spending millions to defeat Measure 97 because, for decades, they have gotten away with paying next to nothing in Oregon taxes — while hard-working Oregon families like yours and mine have been left to pick up the slack. Many pay only $150 a year. I pay more than that, and most of you probably do too.

As a retired teacher, I have seen the impact of decades of underfunding education. Something needs to change. Measure 97 will finally hold large and out-of-state corporations accountable to pay their fair share.

The big backers of the no campaign are spending millions on a deceptive media blitz. Don’t be deceived. Please vote yes with me for seniors, health services and education to build the Oregon that working families deserve.

Susie Garrison

Portland (formerly Canyon City)

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