To the Editor:

I have been thinking about signs on businesses that say "no shoes, no shirt, no service." People obey those signs. I am not sure why stores and restaurants have that policy. To my knowledge, bare feet and a bare chest are not known to be a health hazard. Well, maybe if someone uses their bare feet to eat instead of their hands, that would be a health hazard to that person.

But, I have never heard anyone declaring that they have a right to be barefooted or shirtless when they shop or eat, or seen anyone marching into a business shirtless or shoeless to show their independence.

But, during a pandemic, a bare mouth, out of which an invisible, deadly virus can spew and infect others? "No mask, no service?" Revolt! Recall the governor! Storm the Capitol!

If the sign, during a pandemic, said, "Wear a shirt and pull it over your nose and mouth when you enter, or hold a shoe over your mouth and nose when you enter, or no service" that might be the compromise that will save lives.

​Nancy Nickel

John Day


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