To the Editor:

In July we planned a family gathering at Raddue Campground. My sister-in-law spends every summer in her camper in Fox so using the Raddue Campground has always been our destination — until this year. Before the date of our gathering, Arvilla stopped to check the campground only to find that a ditch had been cut across the road. The outhouse (toilet) and picnic tables had been removed.

My husband’s parents, Ardith Reed Moore and Sinice Moore, are Grant County pioneers, and that campground has been used by them, as well as extended families, for at least 70 years. It is difficult to understand why this and other small campgrounds are no longer maintained. Areas like this one promote a great deal of family togetherness and, therefore, family values.

If, by chance, there is someone that has an answer as to who or why the decision was made to ignore these historic sites, we would appreciate knowing that information — county government, state government, federal government?

Norma L. Moore

Belgrade, Montana


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