To the Editor:

Think about giving this book as a holiday present to parents and friends interested in climate change and doing something about it: "The Parents’ Guide to Climate Revolution – 100 ways to build a fossil-free future, raise empowered kids, and still get a good night’s sleep" by Mary DeMocker, New World Library, 2018.

Mary deMocker has written an inspiring book jammed packed with over 100 ways to empower your children to learn about climate change and do something about it. The ideas are not only a practical guide for helping kids but a practical guide for living. It’s about working with others in the community to get things done. There are so many good ideas and suggestions on how to take action to demand a fossil fuel free future only a few are noted here. Become politically active. Get facts from web sites like and Check out youth activists on Escort Big Oil from museums and off campus. Demand that cultural and educational institutions stop taking money from coal, oil and gas companies and remove industry representatives from their boards. Ask friends, colleges, churches and insurance companies to divest from fossil fuel stocks. Read Pope Francis’ 2015 encyclical addressed to every person living on the planet that calls for bold climate action to treat global warming as a moral issue. See Other religious leaders have joined the chorus. Make polluters pay with carbon pricing. Join Citizens Climate Lobby to put a fee on carbon at Identify top polluters at At the end she calls on us to jump in to build a bridge to a future in which children thrive. A future that is healthy and equitable. For more information, visit

Marjorie Thelen


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