To the Editor:

At times in the history of our great republic imperfect men have come forward who were perfect for the time and challenge. General Patton comes to mind. He was not a perfect man, but among his imperfections was the perfect ability to lead men in bloody conflict and defeat the German and Italian war machines. He was perfect for the time. I recently read that President Donald Trump is too imperfect to vote for because “he lies, he contradicts himself and doesn’t make sure he has his facts straight.” If the writer hadn’t named Trump I would have assumed she was generalizing about politicians. Our republic is in a battle for its life. As Charles Krauthammer predicted in an article Oct. 11, 2017, we are now being invaded by “The Enemy Amongst Us,” and we daily watch the growing insurrection, violence and chaos he accurately predicted in our major cities. The coordinated attacks on these cities cannot be a coincidence. And sadly, these activities are allowed and supported by state and locally elected “leaders.” Many of us in Grant County confirmed by oath to defend and protect the Constitution of our great republic. None that I know of have renounced that oath. We the people are ready to push back against the destruction of our country and our way of life, but we are all looking for the person to lead this effort. Bestselling author Ben Shapiro describes Trump in his latest book: ”His serious character flaws simply become secondary concerns when the future of the nation is at stake.” Trump’s actions during his first term convince me that he is the perfect man to lead us through this national crisis. I submit to you that we should not let our great republic become history while we stubbornly seek that “perfect leader.” I think we have that imperfect man who is perfect for the time! Proud and blessed to be an American.

Kenneth Delano

Mt. Vernon


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