To the Editor:

I understand folks in Grant County wanting a government and representation that more closely resembles the conservative values and ideals of Eastern Oregonians. But for those of you who have not spent years living in Idaho, have you though through what living under Idaho politics truly means? Are you ready to pay an additional 6% sales tax for already expensive groceries? Or an additional 6% for ATVs, or that really nice four-door four-wheel drive truck? And you will be paying 6% on your Amazon purchases as well.

I can even understand a lot of you not caring that medical marijuana or recreational marijuana will promptly go away. But with the re-criminalizing of it, along will come the Idaho justice system, who’s laws are much harsher than the current Oregon ones. What does that mean? That means that instead of six months in jail or a couple of years in prison, the sentence will follow Idaho’s structure, and they will be sentenced to five years fixed and 15 years indeterminate time (parole). How does that actually play out? Seventy percent of Idaho inmates serve all of their sentences. So while you might think that the sales tax dollars are going for a better education system, instead the money is going to keep guys locked up for years.

Becoming a part of “Greater Idaho” is not the answer. If you really want to live in Idaho, please just move there and experience it for yourself. No? If you like what you have here in Oregon, then work to change the politics. Get busy writing letters on a weekly, or even daily, basis to your representative like my wife does, who did grow up in Idaho. If you want things to change, then step up to the plate and be a part of that change.

I don’t want to go back to paying 6% sales tax on every purchase. Nor do I want to return to living in a state that my brother’s brother-in-law (a former attorney) describes as not just being conservative, but being militantly ultra-conservative. It is called “My Private Idaho” for a reason.

Thomas Harris

Prairie City


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