To the Editor:

A rancher bought a white steer calf at the Vale auction Nov. 28. I was told this calf acted differently in the auction ring, and people were questioning why. Norman was a leppy calf — his mother died shortly after giving birth as he was too big for her. None of the other cows would have anything to do with him and vice versa, in spite of numerous attempts and applications of “Orphan No More.” Norman was raised with our dogs and fed by bottle. He still doesn’t fully realize he is a cow — he thinks he is a dog. He comes when his name is called, loves neck rubs and hugs and likes to wrestle and play with our dogs. He is curious and gets into everything. When it was time to be branded, tagged and banded, the cowboys did not want to do him as he was peacefully hanging with the kids that were there. He did not bawl or try to run away during the process, and when it was all done, he just wanted his hugs and loves. Ranching is a business, and he was taken to auction — in hindsight, we should have bought him ourselves. Hope this insight helps you, but if you find you want to sell him, please contact us. We will gladly take him back.

Nikki Morgan


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