To the Editor:

Some people are leaving food at the Grant County Food Bank office without calling 541-575-0299 to tell us that food is being left at the Food Bank office.

We do not man the Food Bank office on any regular schedule.

Any food that is dropped off without calling may go to waste. The food may be in the sun for a long period of time and exceed the temperature for storing food. If that happens, we have to dispose of the food.

The phone number for the Food Bank is on the door of the office.

We are happy to accept food from people who want to donate food.

We like to have the name, address and phone number of the people so the Food Bank can send a thank you letter/receipt, but anonymous donations are OK. Just let us know you are dropping food off.

We ask people to call 541-575-0299 before they drop food off.

Food costs so much. We do not want any of it to go to waste.

Tom Sutton, chairman

Grant County Food Bank

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