To the Editor:

Baker County and the surrounding rural areas will be greatly impacted by HB 2020, the cap and trade bill. This is not just a one time tax. It is a forever tax that will impact and devastate industry, ranch and farm jobs in Eastern Oregon and Baker County.

I wish to thank the state Legislature for the outreach hearings held here in Baker City. There were a great many people that wanted to speak against the cap and trade bill, but with the time limit and over-crowding by over 300 people, only a few got to vent their frustrations.

I truly believe the bill is about a tax and is not directed at a problem, which there is none. Back when Oregon was part of the inland sea, volcanoes vented into the sea, spewing tons upon tons of carbon dioxide into the air and sea, saturating the landlocked retreating seas with the carbon dioxide combined with calcium-rich sea beds, creating thousands of feet of limestone here in Baker County and surrounding areas. The three major volcanic eruptions in recent history put more CO2 into the atmosphere than man has since the industrial revolution.

All of the carbon restrictions on motor vehicles taxing the fuel is just about tax and control. If we had pollution problems like in the Far East, like China and India where smog is prevalent, then we have a problem. But to tax Americans because other countries pollute is ridiculous and is all abut the tax money and control.

Oregon’s counties have been engulfed in forest fires ravaging the national forests burning thousands of acres. Each tree that burns gives up all of the carbon dioxide gasses that it has absorbed in its lifetime, pouring millions of tons of CO2 into the air. If you want to tax someone, tax the Forest Service for massive CO2 and carbon ash pollution and mismanagement of our national forest.

All of these are facts and can be verified.

Chuck Chase

Baker City

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