To the Editor:

I am a lifetime Oregon resident, and have been involved in raising quality beef for over 50 years. I have to use fuel to run my operation. In addition, to reach my doctor, dentist, attorney and banker, I must travel 180 miles round trip. I operate a sustainable ranch, have abundant well-managed timber that will absorb carbon, and I invite anyone to tour my ranch and see the job I have done in promoting stream sides and water use.

Cap and trade will increase my operating expenses, and if you know about the livestock business, you know we operate on a narrow margin. I contribute to the tax base, the schools, the community and the economy of my county. This will not be good for rural Oregon, and I'm certain Sen. Bentz has apprised you of our economy and our lifestyle. One size does not fit all; please consider that in your deliberations.

Sharon Livingston

Long Creek


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