To the Editor:

I have known Jim Carpenter and his family for over 20 years, both personally and professionally, and believe he would be an outstanding judge. I had the opportunity to work with Jim when I worked in the District Attorney’s Victim Services Department. His work ethic and family values, his passion for the profession and compassion for all those involved in court cases define him. An example of this character showed in his concern for child witnesses. As a defense attorney, Jim understood how frightening the judicial system can be, especially for children, and he frequently worked with the Victim Services program, to help introduce child witnesses to the court system. Being familiar with the courtroom, knowing where they will be sitting and what to expect helped alleviate some of the fear and anxiety the witnesses were feeling. This genuine concern for others, problem solving and purposeful service are core character traits that reflect in his interaction with others.

Jim has both defense and prosecution experience making him the most qualified candidate for this position. He started his career as a defense attorney where his experience ranged from traffic tickets, juvenile, civil and criminal cases. Since 2015, when he became our district attorney, his focus changed, and he learned the judicial system from a prosecution perspective. He developed skills in evaluating the facts of a case judiciously, fairly and impartially. He stays current with ever-changing case law and applies that knowledge to charging decisions, prosecuting or settling cases, as well as keeping abreast of the rights of the victim and the accused. As the district attorney he is responsible for both juvenile and adult cases from charging decisions through case disposition and post-conviction issues; oversees the victim services department; presides over the child abuse multi-disciplinary team; and works closely with law enforcement. All this experience and knowledge will serve him well as a judge.

As a longtime resident of Grant County Jim understands and embraces the uniqueness of small rural communities and advocates for their best interests. Vote for a leader with the knowledge, integrity and work ethic that will keep our community safe and strong.

Karen Johnston

Canyon City

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