To the Editor:

Diane Strasser of Mt. Vernon asked how I dared to judge her Christianity based on who she voted for. A simple answer is that I don’t see how the values and teachings of Christianity align with who Trump is. A more complex answer goes to my personal history. As a child, my mother made me go to church. I would have many times rather been out with my father hunting or fishing. But with all that time in church, teachings of Jesus Christ rubbed off on me. Later in life, after being a drunken, womanizing, two-fisted hell-raiser, I took Christianity to heart.

Fast forward to the Sunday I attended church in Mt. Vernon following the 1992 presidential election that put a Democrat in the White House for the first time in 12 years. The pastor came out and with a loud, groaning moan declared that “the forces of darkness have prevailed in the election!” She went on to state that, despite this, we as Christians would prevail in the long run. Everyone present but me cheered wildly. Doesn’t Jesus love Democrats, too? Good grief! I tried to continue to go to church there, but this would never leave my head. I do not believe politics should come from the pulpit. How do Christians prevail by supporting a president who is a pathological liar and claims a Christian identity by holding a Bible in front of a church? Understand that I’m a very rough version of what a Christian should be.

Terry Steele


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