To the Editor:

In an article in the Eagle, the headline read “John Day continues push for study session with county.” The key word is “push.” The last two requests were a lecture to the Grant County Court and in another was to the Grant County Chamber of Commerce. This lecture was a spiel to the court about the court’s inability to handle the people’s money responsibly. This turned out to be an insult to the county by anyone with a small amount of intelligence. Not long ago the city went on another push with their idea of creating yet another taxing district. The good people of this county, overwhelmingly, said no. We the people of this county are getting tired of it. We are one of the most financially secure in our part of the state. We did not get here by spending money on projects that, No. 1, are about a failing ideology that “if you build it, they will come” or, No. 2, borrowing large amounts of money on the hypothetical theory of “potential revenue through a government program” (urban renewal agency in this case).

In this recent city council meeting, the city’s “push” plan is to include School District 3, the hospital district and to the county one more time, to leverage the minds of the population and baiting strategy to reach their ideology visions. When Mayor Lundbom brought the current manager to this county it has been a “push” for a “my way or the highway strategy.” Their money-leveraging plan has come to a point where they have firm deadlines to finish one stage for a designated timeline. If they do not meet this timeline then they will not be able to put in for more free money. Fourteen projects started, and the city has run out of money. The city admits they have no money. This is the city’s fault and not ours. Pure and simple. We all must live within our means, and borrowing just to meet your obligations is not a winning strategy in any business. The city needs to look up the definition of "no."

Bob Pereira

John Day


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