To the Editor:

Are you aware the term "common sense" is in the dictionary? It is, and it is defined by Webster as being sound, ordinary sense, good judgment. That’s it. Short and to the point. Judgment may also be spelled "judgement." Anyway, you choose.

Common sense may not be so common anymore. This letter is written in reference to the article about gun restrictions on the front page of the Jan. 2 Blue Mountain Eagle. Common sense should tell me to use good judgment when dealing with dangerous items in my own home. I certainly don’t wish any accidental harm on any friends or family that may be living or visiting there. Sound, ordinary sense should tell me I am responsible for any dangerous or hazardous item of risk in my own home.

Now, that being said, let’s say you have trouble sleeping due to pain from an old back injury. Because of the injury and resulting pain you use sleeping pills or pain medication obtained by prescription (legally) from your local drug store. These items are in your medicine cabinet in your home, and your doors and windows are locked.

Your local burglar doesn’t care about your personal responsibility concerning items in your home. He or she doesn’t care about responsibility at all. This person breaks into your locked, secured home and steals your legally prescribed medications and deals them illegally to someone on the street. The person on the street dies from an overdose. Now enter common sense. Who’s responsible? You or the creep that broke into your home and stole your medications? Creep? Did I say creep? That may be politically incorrect. Excuse me for using my First Amendment. That may be verboten. Did I spell that right? Anyway, you choose.

Michael R. Christensen

John Day

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