To the Editor:

The coming presidential election comes down to a simple formula: What kind of world do you want to leave for your children and or grandkids? We have the stark choice between two senile old men, one of whom is, by all accounts, a basically decent human being and the other senile old man who is a liar, is financially irresponsible (count the bankruptcies) and revels in hate mongering. I heard someone say how good it is to hear someone speak his mind, never mind the consequences. Well, excuse me, you and I have that right, but a president does not. Sorry, but our president has to represent all the citizens, not just the chosen few. A bubble head on entertainment TV has the right to babble nonsense, but elected folks lose that right. What they say, nonsense or not, has people listening, and if they hear lawlessness encouraged, intolerance encouraged and distrust of considered opinion encouraged then those evils are acted upon by some listeners. I do not want our legacy for the generations to come to be irresponsibility. Fiscal responsibility? Excuse me again, but the last administration to achieve a balanced budget was Bill Clinton! We are doing all we can to make earth a hostile environment. Please consider the future when you vote.

John Wolter

John Day

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