To the Editor:

Revised rules that protect air quality in areas of Oregon susceptible to smoke from controlled forest burns have gone into effect, adopted by the Oregon Board of Forestry and approved by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

This sounds great, but after reading the rest of the story, you find out that nothing has changed except the cost and responsibility for the health of our county's children and elderly will be on us.

Our great leaders in Salem want a cap and trade for industry in Oregon to reduce CO2 and carbon ash pollution. (They want more tax money.)

While the U.S. Forest Service is increasing controlled burns yearly, Oregon Department of Forestry recorded, for 2018, 181,282 acres of controlled burns, which amounted to an estimated 1.3 million tons of woody debris. The acreage is increasing each year.

I have had contact with numerous Forest Service employees, and all think controlled burns is the answer to our wildfire problem. After stopping forest fires for over 100 years, and in the last 40 to 50 years not managing our pine forest correctly, controlled burns and what little proper forestry practices that have been done, have not been enough. A comprehensive plan based on true forestry practices, and not what well-meaning people pushing politicians think, is best. Look around you, we have a problem. All leadership needs to pull theirs out of the sand, stop thinking of themselves and use common sense to solve the building problems.

Ken Koser

Prairie City


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