To the Editor:

This letter is written in reference to the article concerning the Cow Fire and the response by the Forest Service when questioned about the Cow Fire.

I have heard one upper echelon fire management individual say, and I quote, "Yes, we know about that fire; we're monitoring it." I believe this to mean we are observing and watching it.

The article in the Blue Mountain Eagle of Aug. 21 was titled "Fire Staff using new technology to manage fire." Manage is defined as "to control and direct, to render and keep submissive." When I monitor, I observe or watch the clouds of smoke this fire is producing by the consumption of my public land. I think just maybe by the Forest Service's new Remote Autonomous Observation System it may be seen they have allowed the escape of an unsubmissive monster. Further in this article it is stated, "As long as conditions are favorable the Cow Fire will be allowed to continue function in its natural role on the landscape."

The natural role of fire is destructive burning as of a house or forest. That is according to Webster.

Paraphrasing forester Gifford Pinchot, the national forests are made for and owned by the people; they are not made to give the officers in charge of them a chance to work out theories; the officers are paid by the people to act as their agents; it is the users themselves who can be of chief assistance in doing away with bad methods.

The folks responsible who are in charge know who they are. It's not the people on the line. Perhaps those in charge have forgotten their role, which is to "Care for the land and serve the people." Prairie City, keep your nose in the wind and your eye on the skyline.

Michael R. Christensen

John Day

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