To the Editor:

Once again Hillsdale College "Imprimis" touches on a subject so near and dear to our hearts with an article by Jay Bhattacharya, professor of medicine at Stanford University with an M.D. and Ph.D. in economics, on the medical and economics effects of COVID-19. The subjects he addresses are the potential effects of the deadly widespread lockdowns on economy and the misinformation provided on fatalities. Failing to understand the difference between "cases" and "infections" has resulted in fear and confusion. The World Health Organizations takes the lead in manipulating the confusion and its effect on people and economics. (Any organization with "World" attached should set off alarm bells. "World" Order, "World" Bank, "World" Health Organizations, et. al., identifies them as deeply seated in the United Nations with their agendas and plans for "World" domination). Professor Bhattacharya's extensive research shows that in March, only the small fraction of infected people who got sick and went to the hospital were identified as cases. But the majority of people who are infected by COVID have very mild or no symptoms. These people weren't identified in the early days, which resulted in a misleading fatality rate. An accurate fatality rate would be to test for seroprevalence to see how many people have evidence in the bloodstream of having had COVID or test for antibodies (which fade in time and result in an underestimate of total infections). Data indicates that COVID is much more deadly to older people than children (although I feel strongly that using children is the biggest scare tactic utilized by politicians to justify their dictatorial decisions leading to economic disaster). This year in the U.S. more children have died from the seasonal flu than from COVID. Additionally, the UN estimates that 130 million additional people (including children) will starve this year as a result of the economic damage from the lockdowns. This letter barely touches on the information provided by the editorial, but it addresses what I see as "critical research" lacking in the mentally-challenged dictatorship of the state governor and her minions.

Judy Kerr

Canyon City

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