To the Editor:

My family history goes back to Grant County’s early days. My father was a sawmill worker, my mom worked at the hospital and whereas we didn’t have much income, we got by. Most of the people I knew were as my parents were: Democrats. When I got older, I became acquainted with some Republicans — but they seemed like good eggs. My how things have changed. I know part of the blame for disliking Democrats began in the Reagan years when people like me, with environmental leanings, thought that the forest had value beyond how much lumber it would yield. Then came Clinton/Gore and the spotted owl, and many jobs were gone overnight. I realize now that the way this happened was too extreme!

However, when I take a look at the people that have moved to Grant County in recent years, drawn here by far-right constitutionalists, I believe we have swung to the opposite extreme. I sat down at the computer with my wife recently and looked at some of the total garbage that was being offered on social media as factual information, and I was appalled. Some of the business people who are against wearing a mask to protect us all from the coronavirus go beyond comprehension. They are not seeing neighbors who support their businesses; they see political enemies.

But the greatest outrage is how a person who claims to be a Christian could vote for a low-class, evil person like Trump. Jesus Christ is not a Trumpite.

Terry Steele


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