To the Editor:

Each year the Juniper Arts Council/Grant County Oregon Cultural Trust Coalition offers grant opportunities to local arts and heritage organizations. Last year the Grant County Historical Museum, Grant County Piecemakers, the Humbolt PTA, the John Day Fossil Beds, the Prairie City Fiber Fest and the Youth Arts Program each received grants for projects related to culture or heritage.

Where does the money come from that the JAC distributes? Each year the JAC (along with 35 other county cultural coalitions and nine tribal coalitions) receives grant funding from the Oregon Cultural Trust. For fiscal year 2020, the JAC will receive almost $7,000 for distribution in Grant County.

Why donate to the Oregon Cultural Trust? Donors to the Oregon Cultural Trust not only donate to arts and culture, they also qualify for Oregon’s cultural tax credit.

Here’s how to get your state tax credit:

Donate to one or more of Oregon’s 1,400+ cultural nonprofits.

Donate to the Oregon Cultural Trust online or by mail before Dec. 31. You will get this money back when you file your state taxes.

On your state tax form, enter the amount you gave to the Cultural Trust as a refundable credit. Your maximum tax credit eligibility is the total you gave to Oregon cultural nonprofits, up to $500 per person ($1,000 for joint filers).

If you have questions or are ready to donate, visit or call the OCT at 503-986-0088.

Kris Beal

President, Juniper Arts Council

Chair, Grant County Cultural Coalition


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