To the Editor:

Recently, I went to town to get vaccinated, and I was amazed to notice some cultural messaging that was put in my face whether I wanted it or not. From Mt. Vernon to John Day there were large signs that declared far-right wacko messaging. One in particular jumped out at me — wanting to move all of Eastern Oregon to Idaho. A much simpler solution would be for these radical individuals to just move to Idaho.

On my way to the cemetery above Canyon City to visit my parents’ gravesites, I passed another sign that is continuing to spread the "Big Lie" by stating that Trump did win the election.

When we returned to the fairgrounds for the vaccination, I found myself in line and being crowded by a deliberately offensive little man wearing a handgun and a face mask with an ugly message. The large letters said “IDIOT,” and I thought, “Well, you got that one right!” But when I read the small print it was referring to our governor. He had a right to his opinion, but he didn’t have the right to thrust that in everyone else’s face, especially while displaying a weapon.

When we returned home, my wife turned on the news to another mass shooting in Colorado. It seemed like a sorrowfully fitting conclusion to the rest of the day.

I have always been and always will be supportive of the right to keep and bear arms. What has changed for me is that I am 100% against private citizens owning assault weapons that were designed only to kill other humans. You’re welcome to all your hunting and home protection guns; but when packing, keep handguns out of sight where they are not intimidating others.

When I was a kid, Johnny Cash had a song titled, “Don’t take your guns to town.” I’m saying, “Don’t display your guns in town.”

Let’s be less hostile and less confrontational. (My wife says, coming from me, my last statement seems pretty hypocritical.)

Terry Steele


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