To the editor:

Regarding a letter to the editor in the Nov. 10 edition ("Have Consideration for Other People"): Some of us believe we live in a republic where we ourselves have the power to choose. Indeed, when England followed the "free-thinking" pilgrims to the New World in order to control/rule them, these people fought back. Freedom was very important to them. To some of us, it still is.

Obviously, that road does not run both ways with some folks. In other words, it's none of your business if I wear a mask or do not wear one. As you admit, you mask up and have gotten the vaccine plus booster. You are protected. Why do you insist that I do the same?

I am not selfish when I can put together the facts and see that we are faced with not so much of a virus issue as a people issue. Certain people refuse to conform to a mandate (not a law, mind you) that is unconstitutional and infringes on my right as an American citizen to choose my own medical freedom. I am not stupid, nor am I selfish. I am an American.

Please do continue to mask up if you choose. That is your right as a citizen of this country and I will fight for your right to do so. But I will not be badgered and belittled by close-minded people.

If we stand for nothing, we fall for anything.

Marsha Christensen

John Day

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