To the Editor:

I attended the Grant County Planning Commission informational meeting the evening of Jan. 24 at the John Day fire station.

A question regarding the establishment of a bed and breakfast came up. Because my new neighbors had applied for a permit to do just that, I shared my experience with the process.

It is procedural for the planning department to send notices to the adjacent landowners regarding this permit request. If there are any concerns or objections, they are invited to a joint session with all parties to voice these. I and three others received notices.

We collectively had concerns with this enterprise in our residential neighborhood. We drafted a list of several concerns in the form of objections.

We had a hearing with the planning commission and the new neighbors. Most important to us was the expected impact on water and the private road. The planning commission heard all sides, and the permit was granted.

I’m not sure my response to a question regarding the impact to the water issue was clearly articulated. This is the main reason I wrote this letter. I want those who were present to know any issue I have had with water is not as a result of the bed and breakfast operation. In fact, none of the concerns I had have materialized to date.

Pete and Andrea Martinez, who own the Victorian Lane B&B, are gracious and congenial people. Also, their son Branden Schlarbaum and his three daughters are a delight. Branden and I have shared in many things since they arrived. I am blessed to have these folks for neighbors. As I consider the neighborhood, I have to say I am fortunate to be surrounded by terrific neighbors.

Bill Wilcox

John Day


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