To the Editor:

Significant issues have surfaced with COVID immunity beginning to permeate the growing population of the fully vaccinated providing a communal euphoria which liberates the injected from our months of barren social enclosure. What few realize is during our quarantine-like living, we have been fully immersed in absorbing massive quantities of intellectual-socio media enhancement. Long hours interacting with Netflix, Google, CNN, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Disney, Hulu, et al., have proven to be edifying.

Some denigrate this valued activity by callously calling it destructive binge-watching! Oh, sure, like going to the library or Kindle crunching is binge-reading! I find such comments outlanderish, lack endeavor, a gambit, not to mention a certain creek's crowning crock of abbey 'E'litism with an E!

So here is the truth. Emerging psychologists warn the newly vaccinated of “Induced Personality Enhanced Acuity Kognitiv Syndrome" or IPEAKS. They warn the immune of an engorged state of information and pent-up personality. You are full of news, perspective, conservatism/liberalism, mystery, glamour, violence/passion, theology, cheffing, Zooming, competitive sports theory and nearly infinite virtual travel. You are full of it all. Yes, you are an eclectic wonder! Warning: as you re-gregariate, don’t come on too strongly! Acclimate gently. You are very, very interesting, perhaps charming and could even be captivating! You could become a social icon! It depends on whether you practiced alpha or beta bingeing and your screen size.

Yes, you are the vaccinated! You are the liberated!

Here's an opinion: Please join the fun! Get vaccinated and release your new inner self!

Wayne Spletstoser


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