To the Editor:

I am responding to the article in the Feb. 10 issue of the Blue Mountain Eagle regarding the petition to incorporate Eastern Oregon into Idaho. I moved to Eastern Oregon because I wanted to live in Eastern Oregon. Had I wanted to be an Idahoan, I would have moved to Idaho. If, after living here, I changed my mind about Oregon, I would have picked up stakes and moved to Idaho.

If the Idaho border were to be moved to incorporate us here, we would be the new kid on the block. Would Idahoans be happy to dilute their resources by sharing those with us? We certainly wouldn’t be taking our Oregon resources and benefits with us to Idaho. As Ross Burkhart said in that article, the process to change the border can take years, and it isn’t guaranteed. And he says the politics in Idaho can change and are changing.

Our energy would be better spent in communication with the powers that be in Salem. Lynn Findley said as much.

I am here to be an Oregonian, not an Idahoan. So don’t impose on me your dislike of Oregon and force me to move just to remain an Oregonian. I like where I am. If people feel Oregon has disappointed them and Idaho would be better, they have a choice now to be in Idaho without changing my life.

Eva Harris

Canyon City

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