To the Editor:

The division between the city of John Day (CJD) and its citizens increases by implementing their “my way or the highway” plan of tax and spend. Good leaders bring citizens along with them and not start on a plan which makes the atmosphere of small towns disappear. This is what this CJD administration has done. They have traded in their long-running police department while creating a new city employee (assistant city manager), which in turn allows the city manager to start the outlook for foreign cash for whatever they may need at that moment.

The CJD manager has found time (at the same time he is complaining about being overworked) to create this same division in other communities thru this Tri-Cities Consortium. The city of Burns’ people have contacted me, and they do not like it. Lakeview is involved also. This must cost money also, in a tight budget.

Bringing in the JDCC Parks and Rec, after the aquatic center tax district idea failed, to run a project that they cannot afford and will push this district, in some way, to add more taxes. 

Let’s start on this “low-income homes for veterans” project. They call it 3D homebuilding.

The CJD picked a startup firm located in Iowa called Alquist 3D. This firm could not build an affordable “low income” home for a land development group in Exmore, Virginia. After a 90–to 120-day grace period, the development group started the project using sticks as of a couple of weeks ago. The CJD is willing to sell their souls for a not very well thought-out “feel good” project. Leave these projects to private money, and when a city gets involved, incompetency seems to run rampant using other people’s money. Our citizens need to stand up and get new leaders.

Bob Pereira 

John Day

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