To the Editor:

The Emergency Operations Center-Grant County Sheriff's Office has on its recent record of accomplishments: unnecessary hirings (for finding and doling out federal and state money expected for COVID-19, few if any for increased community health care needs); unnecessary purchases for stated purpose; unjustifiable expenditures in view of one single lone positive; corruption of the county court showing a disturbing trend as expressed in Mr. Hamsher's June 16 statement that: "Its just like we can approve anything" (BME June 16, 2020).

"Anything" then means an additional $125,000 of taxpayer revenue. (It now appears the initially planned full EOC budget was "preapproved" and will be paid; perhaps over Scott Myers' objection, if we're lucky, giving the illusion we do have county government of-the-people-by-the-people-for-the-people, rather than one of-by-and-for the EOC-GCSO assembly.)

Despite: no further need for the additional personnel hired (their employment contracts should stipulate the likely temporary nature of the job); no need for the wide-ranging purchases in their intended purpose (purchases have a return policy, within 30 to 90 days, not too late!); no need for further emergency measures, rather, maintaining what the populace has successfully practiced the past three months: caution, observance of new rules, watching the rest of the state and nation, and plain common sense.

Beginning years back but continuing to figure into the county budget are sheriff's deputy furloughs, arbitrary and unexplained paid leaves, false arrests, refusals to acknowledge state law and resulting legal expenses when someone did call it. All at taxpayer expense without corresponding service. True sum total to date? Does anyone know?

And even further back, to the infancy of his sheriffhood, court minutes repeatedly show Palmer asking for money, and more of it, and concern over this squeaky wheel by other county employees.

Needless to say, I object to most any and all these expenditures and herewith politely but urgently request the county assessor to calculate my share of this total sum, and refund me in the upcoming tax year. Taxation without representation is a no-go.

And how far would $250,000 have gone toward giving local business a boost?

So, back to the purpose of this exercise: Where (who) is the virus?

Vega Nunez



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