To the Editor:

Our family has been camping and having family reunions at Raddue Campground on Beech Creek since at least the 1930s.

We were planning on having a family reunion at Raddue this year with family coming from Montana, Idaho, Washington, Nevada and Oregon.

We couldn’t have our reunion at Raddue because the picnic table and outhouse were gone. Our family has elders who need these facilities.

Also, the road into Raddue had a deep rut, making it hard to enter without damaging your vehicle.

I am sorry there is no Raddue anymore. It was the last wishes of three of our family members before their death to camp in Raddue one last time. They loved it that much.

Now there is only a sign that says Road 131. This is a big part of our family history that has been taken away.

Arvilla Harris


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