To the Editor:

The Oregon Public Broadcasting reporter’s article reprinted in the Nov. 13 Blue Mountain Eagle titled “The high cost of dissent in Grant County” is filled with innuendo, allegations and gross inaccuracies.

Gordon Larson’s problems started long before he ran for commissioner.

Regarding the current water rights dispute, I believe he failed to properly complete paperwork, chased the watermaster off his property so he can’t do his job, claimed water had been flowing through the waterway on his property when it had been observed not being used for years by multiple people, demonstrating a clear cut failure to perform (and worse).

Certainly Larson is entitled to his opinion about the Bundys. I personally believe most people in Grant County disagree with the Bundys’ tactics. I also believe most residents agree with the Bundys’ point that the government was way overreaching its authority, especially to the detriment of the small ranchers who are Grant County’s economic backbone.

Unfortunately for Larson, former U.S. Forest Service Malheur Supervisor Steve Beverlin apparently giving Larson permission to remove timber underscores the problem of most residents’ view that some current and former county officials’ close association with the Forest Service creates severe conflicts of interest not working in the favor of Grant County residents. It also shows this type of behavior rewards those who are complacent/compliant with the Forest Service’s wishes, and punitive to those who challenge it.

Larson is his own worst enemy. Unwilling to take responsibility for his actions and blaming others for his misfortune only underscores how inappropriate he would’ve been as a Grant County commissioner able to rise above politics and represent his constituents’ best interests, not his own.

Blaming the Palmers for a personal attitude that should’ve been turned in when Larson’s state cop’s hat, gun and badge were upon retirement truly explains it all.

Dave Traylor

John Day


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