To the Editor:

This letter is in reference to the editorial "Oregon ranchers face tough choice" (vis-a-vis wolves) in the July 8 Blue Mountain Eagle. The issue was local law enforcement, rather than Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists checking out a carcass, are influenced by the rancher's diagnosis of "certain wolf kill." Not so. In my experience, neither Grant County Sheriff's Office nor Oregon State Police are persuadable even by the evidence.

My pet buffalo was belly shot, through and through. None of the applicable agencies came out, escaping like Phaedrus between the horns of the beast. Hunting season had just started.

More recently, I found the near-intact skeleton of a young steer with skin evenly pulled down over the leg bone and cleanly cut. Do wolves carry knives in Grant County? Verdict: inconclusive.

The same for fresh carcasses of deer on my property, despite a clearly visible round hole in the side. A total of two bucks and four does were killed on my property that winter — in my opinion, a planned cull.

I returned with a load of hay one evening late, road blocked by a vehicle. I barely squeezed by. That vehicle then followed me and sat in my driveway for some time, blocking it. The next day, a week-old calf was dead. By week's end, a young Jersey died. GCSO's report omitted my statement totally. It was a lost dog someone was looking for.

A cow pregged at eight-plus months "left" the corral after dark. The next day, I found tracks leading to a boundary fence, through it and off into the snow. GCSO called two days later when the snow had melted. Photos don't count. I have not seen a report. She did come back, alone.

And prior to all this, after just having moved here, my young daughter and I stood by the pond when a shot from the rimrock zinged over our heads aimed at a few mallards (hopefully!) who rested there before moving on.

No peace for the weary here, but lawless order alive and well!

Vega Nunez


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