To the Editor:

We now have a president who is a habitual liar at best, but more likely, a pathological liar.

When Bill Clinton lied about his sexual misconduct, Republicans tried to remove him from office through impeachment. Our current president has lied over and over again about his sexual affairs. Where are the Republican leaders now?

When America elected Barack Obama for president back in 2008, even though he was not the candidate of my choice, I thought America had become a better place by its willingness to elect an African American. Boy, did I get that wrong — the haters started crawling out from under rocks all over the country. President Trump has spoken a dialogue that has contributed to hatred and division among Americans.

This downward spiral will continue as long as this vile man is our president. It’s past time for moderate Republicans to become bipartisan and to stand up against Trump’s hate-mongering.

Terry Steele


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