To the Editor:

The Hillsdale College Imprimis tells us that today the form of our government is fundamentally altered — the Constitution has been largely replaced with an alternative form. This alteration is based on the fact that the great majority of our laws at the federal level are not made by Congress, as is commonly claimed and dictated by law, but by the people we elect delegating the work to someone else. Actually, they delegate it to many people, collected in about 150 independent executive agencies. These agencies make a very great number of laws, and there is no ready way for the people to correct those laws. It is made to appear that the authority of those who hold these unelected offices is made legitimate by the fact that they are under the control of people who are elected.

The "unelected" give themselves authority by passing amendments to the rules, laws and directives, such as adding more to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) to give more authority or to "clarify," adding "supplements" to manuals or handbooks, leaving interpretation to all levels of "unelected" all the way down to a local level.

As of 2013 there were 175,496 pages, with 50 titles in the CFRs, which contains current, in-force rules and regulations promulgated by the departments and agencies of the federal government.

Those who founded our nation and the thinkers upon whom they drew believed that such an arrangement would destroy the accountability of the government to the people, and therefore destroy the ground of government by consent. In recent years these developments have taken a new and dangerous turn because they are set along partisan lines and possibly by foreign interests and United Nations dictates. We know that because the people in law enforcement and intelligence at the federal level have said so.

We need to understand this when it becomes time to vote.

Judy Kerr

Canyon City


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