To the Editor:

I am writing to strongly object to the appointment by the county court of a sheriff's deputy as coordinator of the county's emergency response mechanism, essentially negating functioning of the established emergency management team headed by Ted Williams who resigned as a result thereof.

At the very least, this is a duplication of efforts, a waste of taxpayer funds and an open invitation for disaster, given the documented history of the sheriff's office's unwillingness to engage in cross agency collaborative efforts.

As an elderly resident and landowner in Grant County, living remotely, I am keenly interested in a capable, willing and impartial emergency response. A power grab is woefully out of place here, as is territorial expansionism at the cost of the county's most vulnerable, in the case of COVID-19 virus, the elderly.

I urge you to reverse the appointment of Deputy Dobler and the creation of a new task force and return to the status quo, hoping Mr. Williams will reconsider his resignation.

Vega Nunez


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