To the Editor:

The “sign” has caused a furor with a citizen that wrote in, so I will explain how it came to be.

When the terrible Benghazi debacle occurred, the nation lost some fine men, with one having ties to Grant County: Tyrone Woods. Ty and teammates heroically set out to rescue Ambassador Chris Stevens but were killed in the effort. Later, when questioned about the lack of security and support, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded about their deaths with the callous statement, “What difference does it make?”

That prompted the sign and the heading, “Remember Benghazi.” That will not bring back those gallant men, but at least they are not forgotten.

Prison was a take-off from the president I saw on a bumper sticker. The sign went up to immediate honks and waves from those passing by. Over the past three summers, several hundred people from all over the U.S. have stopped by to take pictures of the sign, stand by it for photos, shake hands and almost invariably say, “I love that sign.” Some have even gone further and said, “I would love to see her in jail.” No one said they hated Hillary or wished her harm, just justice and jail. However, from conversations that ensued, it was evident Hillary was not on anyone’s Christmas list.

So I’m perplexed that someone would refer to an identified “love” sign as being hateful. But, of course, to each their own. One doesn’t have to look at the sign as they pass by. I too am concerned that some “crazy” might do something “stupid.” In spite of the corrupt and treasonous acts Hillary has committed, there are some that still support her and would vote for Clinton if she were to run for dogcatcher.

Signs are not illegal. The First Amendment still “Trumps”!

Dave Traylor

John Day

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