To the Editor:

I came to this amazing country from England 50 years ago at the age of 18.

We drove from Seattle to Dayville. I was in awe of the vastness and splendor of it all.

What I really noticed was how kind and friendly Americans were. But what I really wanted to say is coming from post-war England, I have seen what one man’s distorted way of thinking can do, not just to a country, but a nation.

I have seen the rows and rows of white crosses in England and Normandy of young men who fought for freedom, not just for this country, for all countries. They did not get to come home and enjoy the freedoms they fought and died for.

Next time free-thinking Americans decide to do what you all did on Jan. 6, don’t just get on one knee, get on both knees and thank God and the brave men and women who are standing beside her, not against her, still putting their lives on the line so we can live the lives we all live in this beautiful land we call the USA.

God bless America.

Pam Martin



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