To the Editor:

I made an assumption, based on stated dislike of President Trump’s behavior, that Elberta Miller would vote for his opponent — in this case, Joe Biden. That assumption was unwarranted, and for that I make this public apology. I too find many of the president’s statements and tweets cringeworthy.

When people point out to me President Trump's character flaws, they miss the entire reason I support Trump — I support him because of the policies he has enacted.

When I compare how President Trump has defended things like religious liberty, the pre-born and Israel, and compare that to the tax-raising, job-killing, freedom-reducing, Christianity-criticizing, abortion-at-any-time, student-indoctrinating, Israel-marginalizing agenda of the Democratic Party, it is no contest.

The question now facing America is not, “Does Donald Trump have flaws?” Or even, “Does Joe Biden have flaws?” The question is “Which of two package deals is better for the nation?”

The Trump/Pence administration and Republican Party policies, or, the Biden/Harris administration and Democratic Party policies?

There are no other choices; we will get either “a” or “b”; and we will get the whole package.

Reg LeQuieu

Mt. Vernon


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