To the Editor:

Since I moved here in 2007, it has been a joy to live through the changing seasons, especially as it pertains to the cattle ranches between Prairie City and John Day. There are the baby calves in the spring, cattle being moved out to pasture for the summer, watching the hay being put up for winter, cattle brought back after the grass freezes and the wonderful scene of them being fed every day by those faithful folks who care for them well while they wait for the calving season once again.

And then there are a few who darken the joy of the season by just getting by, feeding as seldom as possible, keeping their hay in a stack, instead of in the cattle's bellies, making them hungry for two or three days, before they get fed again.

It is hard to listen to them bawl after the second day, wondering when they will get any hay again, and makes one doubly thankful for the ranchers along the highway who let their cattle eat every day, much like they themselves do.

Mary Brown

Prairie City


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