To the Editor:

If you could possibly pry your face away from your flat screen TV that has more square inches of surface than my two-car garage, I have some information you may be interested in. I know you may miss a few minutes of football, basketball, baseball, hopscotch and Naked and Afraid, but I can assure you that when you get back to your TV, Naked and Afraid will still be naked. Whenever a wannabe dictator decides to take over a country he or she will follow the recipe that the Nazis followed in Germany. No. 1, seize all of the weapons from the citizens. It is OK to leave a few garden and farm tools as long as they are dull. At least part of the U.S. Congress is trying to implement this step. No. 2, control the media so you will hear what the leaders of this takeover want you to hear. This has already been accomplished. No. 3, install professors in our colleges that teach the students that socialism is the best thing since the smart phone. They will also be taught that the Holocaust did not happen and that a man placed on the moon was fake. When our glassy-eyed college students graduate form the college, some of them will actually be able to fill out a job application (if there are any jobs). Already done. No. 4, make sure that the citizens have easy access to recreational drugs. Citizens that are in a constant state of euphoria usually do not cause problems such as those messy old protests. Again, already done. It sounds like there is only about one more step to be accomplished and the U.S. will be a dictatorship. I’m not sure if Hitler and Bin Laden are still alive, but I heard that they had been seen in Starbucks having their latte. They would be safe there because Starbucks in the past has refused service to police. If these two are in their graves, I bet they are clapping their hands and saying, “Maybe we won after all.”

Ed Butler

Prairie City

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