To the Editor:

I’ve read several comments about the decision made by the mayor and city council members of Canyon City concerning the proposed new aquatic center. Statements such as “This is no longer about the pool. This is now about our constitutional right to vote” and we “obstructed the opportunity for the voters to voice their opinion” also “it’s up to the citizens not the Council and Mayor.” To be very clear, I am pleased with the majority “no” vote that the city council of Canyon City gave regarding the proposed new taxing and bond district. It would have been remiss of the council to approve a resolution for a new taxing district and new bond district that would have an unknown tax liability and an unknown bond payment for the folks of Canyon City. The moment the town of Mt. Vernon and Mt. Vernon Rural Fire District opted out of the proposed district, it made void the proposed district and payment distribution. Since the mayor and city council are the legislative branch of government for Canyon City, it is our duty to insure that when a measure is brought to us it must be intact as proposed, in this case the district no longer existed as proposed, thereby leaving the district invalid. Without a valid district/measure to go on the election ballot, there is absolutely nothing to vote on. It’s that simple. We did not take anyone’s “right to vote” away or “obstructed” any voter in any way. If a measure makes the ballot, vote on it. Canyon City cannot afford to have the mayor and city council vote for issues based on good intentions without a clear cost to our citizens. As for Gleason swimming pool, we in Canyon City do already pay a tax that was established in 1989 to help John Day keep the swimming pool running, and it is called John Day-Canyon City Parks and Rec. The contract with JD-CC Parks and Rec for operating the swimming pool expired Aug. 8, 2020, which, if the pool does not open again, Canyon City may want to revise/evaluate its participation in the taxing district and the future distribution of those funds.

Steve Fischer

Canyon City

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