To the Editor:

John Adams had no use for George Washington. He considered G.W. uneducated, unfit for political positions. Yet, when Mr. Washington was elected in 1788 and again in 1792, Mr. Adams did not agitate for a violent revolution against Mr. Washington. Rather he trusted that the president would voluntarily step aside, which he did, peacefully. Mr. Adams was elected, peacefully, in 1796, and a great national tradition was set in motion.

The elections of 1960, 2000 and 2016 certainly could have been protested, but the losing party knew they would get another chance in four years.

In 2020, the Republican party chose to abandon this 232-year-old successful formula of a regular, four-year peaceful revolution in favor of lies and hate and violence.

The Republican party I grew up with championed honesty, fiscal responsibility, forthright politicians, citizen responsibility and a bright future for our children.

Now, not so much.

John Wolter

John Day

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